Disable VIM Spell Checking for C String

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Vim has great built-in spell checking. Even better, when editing source code files, it is smart enough to know not do spell checking in source code, which is quite neat. However, it will still do spell checking for string literals. Most of the times, this is not desired. This post shows how to tell VIM only do spell checking in comments when editing code files.

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Monitor Screen Touch Event in Android

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In one of my projects I need to track every screen touch event in background. That is, my app needs to be "invisible" while capturing every screen touch. Here is how I achieved this.

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Replicate Gem Installation

I use Octopress to manage my blogs, which rely on correct ruby gem version to work. Although Octopress use Bundler to manage the gem dependencies, sometimes a simple bundle install does not work out of box. Since everything works fine on one of my machines, I decided to replicate the exact ruby/gem setup of that machine.

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Regular Expression Support in Android Logcat Tag Filters

For a while I've been using logcat command line tools to check Android logs. Usually, the tags of my app consist of a common prefix and the name of different sub-components (I guess that's also what most apps do). And I have about a dozen of such tags. logcat, however, does not support filtering tags using regular expressions, which is a pain! After suffering for a long time, I finally decide to tackle this.

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