Using Cscope INSIDE Vim

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The goal we want to accomplish here is, jumping to a function definition (maybe in another file,) finding out where a symbol is defined, finding out what function(s) call current function and what functions are called from this function, ALL WITHOUT LEAVING VIM.

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Use rsync and cron to do regular backup (Part I)

Recently I do most of my work on a remote data center through a slow network connection (<100KB/sec). I usually backup my project source tree as follows. I first do make clean and also delete any unnecessary obj files to shrink the total file size, then I compress the whole source tree as a tar ball and then I use scp locally to fetch the backup tar ball to my local machine. The procedure is quite boring since I need to do this every day before I go home, otherwise the whole bandwidth will be occupied for near an hour during which I can almost do nothing.

Situation gets better when I find rsync and cron. Here is how I do automatic regular (daily) backup with them.

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