If you're Vim user, then you must try Vimium. It makes your browsing much much comfortable!

These days, I found that Vimium commands (j, k, f) don't work on Google search results page. But works just in in any other pages. I tried turning the instant search off, logging out my account in Google's homepage, turning of personalized search results, etc. None of those work.

Then I found that Vimium only stop working if I use Chrome's Omnibox to search. That is, if I do the search in Google's home page instead of Chrome's Omnibox, then everything is fine. I suspect that some extra flags in Omnibox's default search pattern is the reason why Vimium refused to work.

But Omnibox is so convenience to use (Alt+D to focus & search). Opening Google's homepage every time you need search will certainly be another pain. So I changed the default behavior of Chrome's Omnibox. Unfortunately, the built-in Google search pattern is unchangeable, so I added an new search engine entry and set it as default. Here is the fields of the new entry:

Name: Google (or whatever you want) 
Keyword: Google (or whatever you want) 
Search Pattern: http://www.google.com/search?q=%s 

Here is a more detailed information about Google's search URL. Add whatever you need, but keep it minimal, in case you screwed up with Vimium again :-)