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Sys161 will panic if you try to write a TLB entry with a entryhi, but there are already a TLB entry with the same entryhi but in a different TLB slot. This is because entryhi should be a UNIQUE key in the TLB bank.

When you want to update a TLB entry (e.g., shoot down a TLB entry, or set the Dirty bit, etc.), you need to first use tlb_probe to query the TLB bank to get the TLB slot index and then use tlb_read to read the original value, and then use tlb_write to write the updated TLB entry value to this slot. But what if there is a interrupt after you tlb_probe but before tlb_read? Chance maybe that the TLB bank is totally refreshed so that you read a stale value and also write a stale value. Things get totally messed up and errors such as "Duplicated TLB entries" may occur.

To resolve this, you need to protect your whole "tlb_probe->tlb_read-> tlb_write" flow and make sure that this flow won't get interrupted. So you really want to disable interrupt (int x = splhigh()) before you do tlb_probe and re-enable it (splx(x)) after tlb_write. Alternatively, you can also use a spin lock to protect your access to TLB.