This is a collection of tools that make me more productive, and my life much easier. Or as I would say to my friends: "They are life-changing!"


I don't know about Emacs, but other than that, Vim is THE only editor you should use (if you ever write any code)!


Browse the web in a Vim way. A must-have for Vim addicts(like me).

Bash VI mode

Want use j,k,h, l to navigate in bash? Want Esc then dd? You want the vi mode of bash. Check this article on how to set it. Again, a must-have for vim addicts.


If you ever need to login another machine to do some stuff, then you'll need tmux. What? screen? Is it even designed for human?


A must-have you have more then one computing device, by which I mean laptops, desktops, smart phones, tablets, and so on. It just makes file syncing so smooth and so painless.


I love typesetting using LaTeX. For a long time, it's been the reason that I always finish my homework and project reports early.


Life is short (You need Python).


Before Git, the only CMS system I ever used is SVN, which was awful, and it requires you to set up and SVN server to work. Thus I didn't use

Now with Git, everything feels so easy and painless. And I use it to manage virtually all my projects (even this blog!)

Mechanical Keyboard

They make you love typing, and you just can not go back to membrane ones anymore.