Hello world! This is Jinghao Shi [1] (Chinese name: chinese_name). I am currently a third year PhD student in Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo. My advisors are Dr. Geoffrey Challen and Prof. Chunming Qiao. I also work closely with Dr. Dimitrios Koutsonikolas and Dr. Ranveer Chandra.

I received my BS degree in 2011 on Computer Science at University of Science and Technology of China. Then I went to University of Hong Kong. I spent one year and a half there, before I dropped my program and came to Buffalo.

You can find my CV here.


I am interested in wireless networks (mostly Wifi) and mobile systems (mostly Android). I am excited to explore the potential of the combination of these two technologies.


Me on DBLP, Google Scholar.


I was a TA for these courses.

About This Blog

I started writing blogs back in 2011, when I just started using Linux (more specifically Fedora) as my main OS [2]. I often found myself trying to remember what I did to solve a glitch a while ago, and ended up re-Googling to find out. So I figured I'd better keep some notes for my own further references. And it turns out some of the post may be somewhat helpful to others as well, so I stick along.

At the beginning, I used WordPress.com, which has an awful web interface. And what drove me crazy is that I can not use Vim to edit my posts. I lived with it for more than a year and finally decided to migrate to Octopress, a static site generator. Then I switched to Pelican and now I am a much happy blogger.

[1]How to Pronounce? "Jing" is like "Jin" (note: without "g") in "Jingle-bell", and "hao" is like "ho" in "hot".
[2]I ditched Fedora after I found that they roll out new releases every 6 months, and there is usualy a bunch of problem upgrading to the new release.